If you want to try out the current master-version of Fava and see what we are working on, check out the online dev-demo (updated every midnight UTC).

Setting up a development environment

If you want to hack on Fava or run the latest development version, make sure you have Python 3 (with pip) and Node.js (with npm) installed. Then this will get you up and running:

git clone
cd fava
# using a virtual environment is optional, but recommended
virtualenv -p python3 venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install --editable .

You can start Fava in the virtual environment as usual by running fava.

You can run the tests with make test (requires tox). After any changes to the Javascript code, you will need to re-run make.

If you need a newer version of Beancount than the latest released one, you can install from source like so (more details here):

pip install hg+

Contributions are very welcome, just open a PR on GitHub.

Fava is released under the MIT License.