beancount: Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files


A double-entry bookkeeping computer language that lets you define financial transaction records in a text file, read them in memory, generate a variety of reports from them, and provides a web interface.


Documentation can be read at

Documentation authoring happens on Google Docs, where you can contribute by requesting access or commenting on individual documents. An index of all source documents is available here:

There’s a mailing-list dedicated to Beancount, please post questions there, so others can share in the responses. More general discussions about command-line accounting also occur on the Ledger mailing-list so you might be interested in that group as well.

Download & Installation

You can obtain the source code from the official Git repository on Github:

See the Installing Beancount document for more details.


There are three versions

Filing Bugs

Tickets can be filed at on the Github project page:

Copyright (C) 2007-2020 Martin Blais. All Rights Reserved.

This code is distributed under the terms of the “GNU GPLv2 only”. See COPYING file for details.


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